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Now is the best time to reinvent yourself. Don't wait till you're 80.

Peter Fritz | MidlifeTribeMidlife Tribe is for men and women who’ve completed their apprenticeship – their ‘first act’ – but want their second act to start giving them a life.

Maybe you've worked hard and taken risks, climbed the corporate ladder or you've run your own business, and now you're asking, “Is this the life I was aiming for? Is this what I saw in the brochure?”

Don't fret. You're part of a huge club, now. And the fact that you're questioning your life is A Good Thing. It ain't the 80's anymore, you know. There's stuff you can do. Steps you can take. There's the Internet, and that changes just about everything.

I'm betting you'd like to change a few things and start living a life that actually excites you a little bit, right? Well, there's good news and there's bad news…

The good news is, you have a lot more going for you than you realise. Your life experience – warts and all – gives you advantages the young guys don't have, and these advantages put you in a great position to reinvent yourself in your second act.

The bad news is, the clock is running. Like most people entering this phase, your biggest mistake is you think you have time. Time to sort your life out. Time to pursue that thing you've wanted to do for 30 years but haven't (because of kids, mortgage, marriage, divorce).

Midlife Tribe is here to inspire you to act; to think deliberately about what you're doing and how you could do it better – for you. And it's here to help you avoid (or crush) a midlife crisis so you can get on with reinventing yourself and living happily ever after.

It’s time for your second act. Oh, and if this is your first visit, I recommend you start here. Welcome!


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Clem Murphy | Blaze Your Own“I really connected with Midlife Tribe. I saw myself in the words I was reading and it was reassuring and sometimes a little confronting. It helped me to get off my arse and change some things in my life that I have been meaning to do and just never made time for. Well worth it for anyone from 30 up!”

Clem Murphy

Master your midlife.

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