Master your Time, your Money and your Life


Happiness is a Game of Subtraction

Happiness is a Game of Subtraction Most of us are engaged in a foolish game. Till recently, I was a player, too. It's the game of chasing happiness by adding stuff to our life. We obsess over the things we want instead of the life we want. Sometimes these work well together, like a robot […]

How to Die With No Regrets

How to Die With No Regrets You’re flat on your back under a fluorescent light that flickers on and off. Either side are machines that monitor your vital signs through various wires and occasional beeps. Clothed in a gown that rides up uncomfortably and encased in stiff cotton sheets, you’re surrounded by family and friends […]

Finding Time to Reinvent Yourself

Finding Time to Reinvent Yourself I used to admire people who were busy. I assumed they were important or popular, or that their skills were in high demand by influential people. Because of this, I wanted to be busy, too. But just today, I smirked quietly as some men at school pick-up asked about each […]

The Number One Key to Wealth

The Number One Key to Wealth The average person sees over 5,000 marketing messages a day. Almost all of it says the same thing: “Buy this and you'll be happier, healthier, cooler or better looking.” It's always been this way, only now, the Internet and social media have amplified the frequency and intensity to a point […]

Quitting Your Job is the Wrong Move

Quitting Your Job is the Wrong Move I quit school when I was sixteen. I got up from my desk, I ran to my locker and bolted out the gate before anyone could stop me. To this day it remains a favourite in my personal highlight reel. I can’t quit things that way anymore. I […]

How to Find Energy for Your Side-Hustle

Find Energy for Your Side-Hustle Most people can’t survive more than three months without an income before their belongings get repossessed. If you’ve been reading Blaze Your Own for a while, you’ll know I’ve talked about the benefits of creating a side business. It's obvious that relying on a single source of income makes you […]

Want to have an amazing year? Here's how!

Want to have an amazing year? Here's how. So how's your year looking so far? It's only early days, I know, but in the past, I'd already be running at a hundred miles an hour, headlong into a repeat of last year. You know exactly what I mean – emails, clients, and all the things […]

Middle Age and the Power of Midlife Reinvention

Middle Age and the Power of Midlife Reinvention My working life began when I was eight, so that's 40 years, now – as long as some people's entire career. In those early days, making, collecting and selling things were about all I could do. But I remember how good it felt to be my own […]

You CAN have everything. Just not at the same time.

If you're a parent, you know how impetuous kids can be, especially teenagers. They want everything, all at the same time, and they want it now. Sadly, many of us adults aren't much better. In today's hyper-connected world, we're bombarded with thousands of marketing messages every day. It seems happiness, coolness and acceptance can all be […]

You’re Already a Millionaire

My mum doesn’t have a computer or a smartphone. She doesn’t have the Internet.  I offered to buy her an iPhone once but it sent her into a panic. This means that if I want to share photos of the kids with her I have to print them and mail them. Some live inside the […]

Talent or passion – which comes first?

If you long to do what you love for a living, and I mean you're aching for it so much that you're out there looking for ways to do it, you're already in the minority. Most people meander through life, postponing the pursuit of their dreams till it's too late. However, if you're also confused […]

If you're serious about freedom, unplug your TV.

Nine years ago, I pulled the antenna cable from my TV and resolved never to watch a TV show again. And it's one of the smartest things I ever did. When I was a young boy, television was something we watched in the evening, and only for an hour or two. We had our favourite […]