Master your Time, your Money and your Life


Let go of your weaknesses.

How much free time do you have? Yeah, me neither. But ask yourself, how much of it do you waste trying to get better at things you're no good at? When you were in school, where did your teachers' or parents' attention go – on the subjects you excelled in or those where you were […]

The Things Men Worry About

For a lot of us, our middle years are dominated by stress. For a 40+ male living in Western society, the risks can be greater than at any other time. Long hours in the office, poor health, a growing family, depression and countless other triggers present real dangers to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Paradoxically, this period […]

Are you paid more than you earn?

I know a lot of frustrated, miserable people in their 40's – men mostly, who appear to be successful. They have money, position and all the stuff that goes along with those but they carry with them an undercurrent of anxiety and emptiness that manifests in things like poor health, nervousness or frequent exhaustion. Of […]

Your Biggest Problem is you Think you Have Time

Like’s full of paradoxes. “Treat every day as your last.” Live in the moment and enjoy your life. “There’s no time like the present; time waits for no man.” A few years ago, I was at an office Christmas party. The CEO wondered up to me and said, “So how’s it going, Fritzy?” Ken’s been […]

Life after 40 and why it's the best time of all!

When I hit 40 a few years ago, I surprised myself; I was happy… I felt like I'd finally grown up. To me, this meant I could start saying ‘no' to some things instead of running around trying to keep a hundred balls in the air. I sensed I'd gotten through the worst of it all, […]