Get out of debt. Fast.

“Here’s a blueprint for getting out of debt and getting control of your finances…by someone who’s actually managed to do it!”

MICHAEL YARDNEY | Best-selling author, CEO of Metropole Property Strategists (voted Australia's #1 property investment advisor), and owner of the #1 property site in the world.

If freedom matters to you…
Then killing your debt is priority #1.

Paperback & Kindle: Aug 2017
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Breathe Again - Debt Free in 3 Simple Steps | iPad Edition


In this book, I share the methods I used to kill off my debts after a divorce left me $140k in the hole. These are practical, actionable steps you can take right now to lift the fog and breathe again.

Get out of Debt Fast!

  • Learn the real reason you're broke
  • Learn how to kill with tax debt
  • What if you can’t pay your debt?
  • How to generate free money with your credit card
  • Which debts to avoid and which ones will make you wealthy
  • How to pay off your consumer debt FAST without living on Ramen noodles.

When it’s used correctly, debt is good for you. It can build you an asset base with less of your own money and get you to self-sufficiency (freedom) sooner. That’s why it’s called leverage. But the trouble is, most people use it for stuff that sends them into an abyss of misery and stress. That’s exactly what I did.

My 3-step process includes everything you need and nothing you don't.

If you’ve been feeling the pressure of mounting debt, it’s time you got out of this mess and started living again. Life is not meant to be a continuous struggle of debt and worry.

This book reverses the damage and gets you back on the right path.

WARNING: This book isn't for wishful thinkers, excuse makers or status-hungry Jones-pleasers. It's more like a killing spree. To vanquish your debts, you’ll need to be properly armed and trigger-happy, so if the sight of a shrivelling debt makes you queasy, you'd better look elsewhere.


Book Length: 57 pages (paperback) 37 pages (PDF)

Guarantee: If after reading this book, you don't think it's been a valuable read, just let me know and I'll refund your money in full. I'll be sad, but that's what Shiraz is for…

Companion Books

Ken Fife - Auto-IT“As with most well-written works, Peter Fritz’s first book is succinct, logical and totally believable.

A lifelong investor myself I found this work to be a relatively easy read and Peter’s arguments have the ring of truth. So much so I have recommended it to younger members of my family in the hope that it’s purchase will be a catalyst to their own financial self-sufficiency!

This book was written with integrity and is a must read.”

Board Chairman, Auto-IT

Cedric Kieffer - Paid To Exist“Peter, this is an outstanding (and beautiful) book. It is the first time I ever read anything about debt, and to be honest I thought it would be dead boring. But I found your book inspiring, exciting and I loved how genuine you are! Your approach feels holistic, realistic and progressive but more importantly, it is really action oriented, which is all that counts.

Co-Chief Troublemaker, Paid To Exist