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The 5 Things you Need to Work From Home

I decided 15 years ago to work from home and it was one of the best decisions I ever made. Here are the five things you'll need in order for YOU to work a job from home.

What does it mean to be a good dad?

As my daughters become women, I sometimes reflect on how my dad achieved what should be every father's dream - to be loved and respected as A Good Dad.

How Does Turning 50 Feel?

My 53-year-old sister says, "I'm free to live an authentic life, to suit myself, and to shed little bits of my old life as I go. Rigid by nature, I'm finding I can live my life with more flexibility these days and still feel safe."

It's time you decided what you REALLY want.

If you've worked as long as I have, you deserve to ask yourself what you really want out of life. Because once you're ready; REALLY ready, you can make tomorrow Day One. Discover the process I've used to decide what I really want.

Make 2018 Your Midlife Reinvention Year

Midlife reinvention is there for the taking. You're not too old. Life has not passed you by. And yes, there might be something wrong with you, but you can do something - a lot of things - to turn the ship around.

The Generosity Myth

"If you can't be generous when you have nothing, you'll not be generous when you have everything." The moment these words shot out from the stage, I knew I'd always remember them. Charlie 'Tremendous' Jones was firing off gems that night back in the late '80's.

Comparing Yourself to Others is Pointless

Comparing Yourself to Others is Pointless We do a lot of stupid things when we're young, mostly because we're ignorant, we're impulsive and our brains aren't yet fully developed. Eventually, though, we tend to grow out of them. Sadly, the habit of comparing ourselves to others, plus its evil twin, FOMO (‘fear of missing out'), isn't one of them. […]

Worried about your job? Start Freelancing.

Worried about your job? Start Freelancing. “There are no certainties in life except death and taxes.”  These words, penned in 1789 by Benjamin Franklin in a letter to Jean-Baptiste Leroy, was actually inspired by a statement from Daniel Defoe's “The Political History of the Devil”, yet it remains truer today than ever before. We live in a […]

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Side Hustle

The Top 5 Reasons You Need a Side Hustle I remember the day my income suddenly halved. The company I worked for was struggling financially, and the big red ‘CUT COSTS!!' button was smashed through the wall. I was like a deer caught in headlights. Should I go left or go right, or just close […]

Midlife Crisis or Chance to Reinvent Yourself?

A Midlife Crisis or a Chance to Reinvent Yourself? A couple of years ago, I sat on the toilet at 2:00 am, Googling the hell out of a problem – I was depressed and I couldn't figure out why. That evening marked the official beginning of my midlife crisis, and thereafter, the quest for reinvention – leading ultimately to […]

How to Connect with your Kids for Life

How to Connect with your Kids for Life | Most of us would die for our kids. Literally. Faced with an “It's your daughter or it's you” scenario, we'd all say, “Take me!” Likewise, few of us would think twice about killing anyone who attacked, abused or mortally threatened our kids. We're hardwired for that. For me, nothing […]

One Thing to Feel Happier Starting Tomorrow

One Thing to Feel Happier Starting Tomorrow | There's no magic pill to feeling happy, but there's one thing you can do tomorrow that will make a difference. Happiness is the ultimate end game; it's what we all want. Except for those people who aren't happy unless they have something to be miserable about. But […]