Master your Time, your Money and your Life


Pleasure-seeking may cost you your freedom.

Part five in the ‘Fix Your Money Problems Forever' series. In our modern consumer-driven society, it's accepted practice to reward our hard work with ‘stuff'. As we rack up each accomplishment, we feel entirely justified in marking it with a suitable trinket to show to ourselves and our network of peers what a good job […]

What's the point of it all? Define your MITs.

Strange isn't it, how you can work your arse off for decades without really knowing why? Sure, there are the obvious reasons like buying a house, getting hitched, paying bills, advancing your career, building a business or striving for an early retirement. But have you ever thought more deeply about these ‘first layer' items to […]

If you want to be wealthy, give more away.

On a cold Friday night about 22 years ago, I was settling into the warmth and grandeur of Sydney's State Theatre, having travelled almost 900kms by road to come and hear some of the ‘great' personal development speakers from around the world. One of them was a caricature of a man called Charlie Tremendous Jones. […]

Trapped by debt? Go on a killing spree!

Part four in the ‘Fix Your Money Problems Forever' series. If you had to name one thing that's kept you awake at nights, what would it be? I'm guessing you'd say ‘debts'. Or ‘bills'. Okay, some of you might say, ‘Kate Beckinsale' or ‘Eva Mendes'. I've done this myself (not the Kate Beckinsale thing); laying […]

Good Debt, Bad Debt and Ugly Debt

Part three in the ‘Fix Your Money Problems Forever' series. Debt is like electricity. You understand and respect electricity because you know it'll kill you if you don't. Debt can do the same – it just takes a little longer. But debt, like electricity, can do great things. It can multiply capital, compress time and […]

Doing a Budget is a Waste of Time

Part Two of the ‘Fix Your Money Problems Forever' series. If you've joined the ranks of midlife men, I'm guessing you've done a budget before. Like me, you may have gone to town on the damn thing with graphs, coloured groupings and pie charts. And then you gave up on it. Why? Budgets suck; that's […]

Fix your money problems forever!

Part One – Know WHY You're Spending If you're over 40, stress is your number one killer and few things create stress like a money problem! It festers like a persistent sore and left untreated; it wreaks all kinds of havoc in your life. Relationships can break down; self-esteem takes a beating and health issues, well, […]

Why are you here? What is your purpose?

It’s the existential question of modern humanity. People struggle with it every day. For men in their mid-years, it's a constant companion – always lurking in the shadows; tapping them on the shoulder during breakfast, while they work, during a commercial break; even while they sleep. It's insidious and it won't go away till you're […]

Let go of your weaknesses.

How much free time do you have? Yeah, me neither. But ask yourself, how much of it do you waste trying to get better at things you're no good at? When you were in school, where did your teachers' or parents' attention go – on the subjects you excelled in or those where you were […]

The Things Men Worry About

For a lot of us, our middle years are dominated by stress. For a 40+ male living in Western society, the risks can be greater than at any other time. Long hours in the office, poor health, a growing family, depression and countless other triggers present real dangers to your emotional and physical wellbeing. Paradoxically, this period […]

Are you paid more than you earn?

I know a lot of frustrated, miserable people in their 40's – men mostly, who appear to be successful. They have money, position and all the stuff that goes along with those but they carry with them an undercurrent of anxiety and emptiness that manifests in things like poor health, nervousness or frequent exhaustion. Of […]

Your Biggest Problem is you Think you Have Time

Like’s full of paradoxes. “Treat every day as your last.” Live in the moment and enjoy your life. “There’s no time like the present; time waits for no man.” A few years ago, I was at an office Christmas party. The CEO wondered up to me and said, “So how’s it going, Fritzy?” Ken’s been […]