Debt is Killing Your Dreams

Perhaps you're working on an incredible idea. Or your freelance schedule is filling nicely and things are looking up. Or maybe you're still waiting for inspiration to strike. Either way, the burden of consumer debt will forever hold you back unless you address it for good.

I've written a lot about money on this blog, and for good reason. First and foremost, it's one of the biggest causes of stress amongst middle-aged men (and women). And this manifests in many areas of your life, from your relationships and your health to your ability to think creatively and design a life of freedom and choice.

The first areas of affliction are probably self-evident in your life already, and I've covered these elsewhere on this site. But it's the other ones I want to talk about here.

The problem is a simple one. As long as your back's against the wall and your thoughts are dominated by money worries, you're unlikely to free your mind enough to create the life you want. The body's natural instinct (fight or flight) simply prevents it.

I've suffered hundreds of sleepless nights worrying about money. Whenever I was in that state of mind, my creative juices were backed up like a rusty old water pipe and nothing was getting through. Instead, my dreams of a better life were met with doubt, fear and unabating frustration.

It wasn't until I confronted the problems head-on that things started to change. As soon as I faced the thing I feared the most – dealing with my debts – the lights came on and the juices started to flow.

So this post is very short. If debt has been on your mind; if you've struggled to create a plan for reinventing your life, I implore you to face it, and do something about it.

I wrote a small book called Breathe Again – Debt Free in 3 Simple Steps. I believe it will help you vanquish your debts in the most effective, efficient way possible. You don't even need to do a budget.

It's only 40 pages long and it's illustrated throughout (so it's really more like 25 pages). Get it, read it, and start taking action. I promise it'll be one of the simplest, most practical books you'll read all year.

Then come back next week with a renewed sense of vigour and start learning how to blaze your own trail and reinvent your life for the next season.

You can get your copy here. I hope you do.


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