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My family and I just spent a glorious weekend in the Victorian High Country, where we walked through rugged bushland, played simple games by the fire, and revelled in great conversations.

Early Sunday morning, my dad and I took a leisurely stroll through the bush that nestles again his property. Soon, our conversation turned to his neighbours; particularly, the strange behaviour some have displayed over the years – including my estranged cousin, who moved there about 15 years ago.

It seems this semi-remote country village has attracted some strange types – some of them quite mad.

I won't bore you with the specifics because much of it is quite trivial, but really, that's what struck me the most. So many of them seem to be living in a fog, obsessing over trivial nonsense and in doing so, they miss the whole point of living. They're surrounded by paradise and yet they can't get past the noise in their heads to see it.

This is something that really bugs me. I see it everywhere. I liken it to telling someone they've won $100 million in the lottery and then having them complain about the colour of the envelope containing the prize money.

I've talked about this many times before but I reckon it bears repeating. To even exist on this planet is so unlikely, it's pretty much impossible. So many things had to happen exactly right for each of us to be born that just being here right now is something like a one in 400 trillion chance. And yet, we obsess over dumb shit.

We want more money. We want more stuff. We want people to like/respect/fear/envy us. We want to do stuff we enjoy and we want to feel that we matter. We're pathetic. And yet… it's all understandable. We're like processionary caterpillars, each following the idiots in front of us. We're conditioned to obsess over stupid meaningless bullshit.

Our consumption-drenched culture has a lot to answer for. The fundamental problem is this: Things we pay for, we value. Things we get for free, we don't value.

Of course, the reverse is true.

It didn't cost us anything to be born, so we don't value it. Yet being on the field and playing this game called life is utterly priceless. It can't be bought, and we only get one shot at it. Why do so many of us waste our time yelling from the stands? What the hell is wrong with us!?

I could run off a list right now of 100 things we should all be grateful for, but you'd probably zone out, click away and unsubscribe to this blog. So I won't.

But please, please recognise this. You are incredibly lucky. So lucky, it mightn't actually sink in till you're on your deathbed. But for heaven's sake, don't wait till then.

Embrace this incredible, twisting-turning, unpredictable moment you have on this planet. It won't last very long. It's already Thursday night where I am, and I swear, it was only Thursday a few days ago – or so it seems.

Stop living in a fog of mindless trivial thoughts and instead, soak yourself to the core in the magic of your brief time on earth. Invest in moments with your family. Spend as much time as possible amongst nature. Pursue your passions and your curiosity. Cut all the crap out of your life. Stop chasing status and power and control. None of it lasts. You only have now; this moment.


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