The Midlife Tribe Manifesto

Midlife isn't what it used to be. For our parents, it represented the beginning of their demise; the long grey line to Alzheimers and incontinence.

Their version of midlife came with forgetfulness, unexpected aches in unexpected places, and a growing sense of mortality. It meant wearing sensible clothes and avoiding loud noises. And worrying about retirement.

But most of all, it meant accepting their lot in life, and the outcomes of a path they'd chosen 20 or 30 years ago.

Lucky for us, that last point is now irrelevant, and the others are much less of a concern – thanks mostly to an abundance of free knowledge around exercise, nutrition and mental health.

It's easier than it's ever been.

The world has changed, and with it, what it means today to be middle-aged. In fact, it's never been a better time to be forty. Or fifty, or even 80. My dad is 81 and he's probably fitter than me. And goofier, too.

So if you're entering your ‘second act', you're luckier than you might think.

Imagine you were born in the early 1800's, at the height of the industrial revolution. You'd be grinding out your days in a noisy factory, choking on black smoke from coal-fired heaters and sliding in horse sh*t every time you stepped off the curb. It wasn't a good time.

Today, thanks mostly to the Internet, there's no better phase in life than midlife. Sure, youth has its advantages, but you can reclaim a surprising amount of that in your middle years if you adopt a few simple habits.

What you didn't have in your youth were wisdom, experience, and scars. Now have plenty, and you can use them to your advantage if you want.

And that's what Midlife Tribe is all about – helping mid-lifers reinvent themselves so they can blaze a trail to their mountaintop, and in the process, live a more engaging and fulfilling life.

As a member of this tribe, you know that life can be a whole lot better than others told you. But you're concerned about your time (it's ticking fast, and you never seem to have any); your money (why do we need so damn much to live?), and a nagging feeling that your life lacks purpose.

You want to spend more of it doing what you love (or with whom you love), you crave meaning and purpose, and you want to kick FOMO to the kerb and live more with less.

You want to leap out of bed and embrace every day with energy and anticipation. Mostly, you want to matter in this world; to live intentionally, and you refuse to mirror the beliefs and expectations of your parents when they were your age.

And to do all this, you're prepared to learn from those who've transformed their own lives. You're ready to listen, and you're prepared to change.

This is Midlife Tribe through and through. It's a growing collection of strategies and stories about midlife mastery and a life of freedom, autonomy and purpose.

At Midlife Tribe, we talk about the issues that matter to us, as mid-lifers. These include:

  • Clawing back your precious time so you can do more of what you love.
  • Working in a way that sits best with who you are, and what lights you up.
  • Reducing your financial burdens and making the most of what you earn.
  • Doing work that truly matters to you.
  • Being a more effective and engaged parent so your kids look to you as a role model, not a stodgy old person who doesn't ‘get' them.
  • Stripping away the distractions and false beliefs that hold you back.
  • Living in the present and enjoying what you have.
  • Facing relationship hurdles with a cool head and a plan of attack.
  • Getting past major setbacks like divorce and the dreaded midlife crisis.
  • Increasing your value to those you serve, whether they pay you or not.
  • Becoming the person you most want to be, with all its quirky, wonderful uniqueness.
  • Living a life you can be proud of – not because you're a martyr, but because you've perfected the art of LIVING.

If you're ready to enter your own story – the one you create – then I invite you to stick around. You'll find nothing but support and empathy here – even when it's disguised as a kick up the arse.

Grab an empty backpack, and let's fill it with what's missing.

Welcome to Midlife Tribe!


  • Doing less of what you hate
  • Giving less time to those who don't support or encourage you
  • Finding nuggets of time just for you
  • Being a more effective worker, partner, parent and friend


  • Killing off debts and consumer addiction
  • Investing wisely so you can sleep at night
  • Making money in the new economy
  • No longer being a slave to money


  • Taking better care of your physical and emotional health to live without self-imposed limits
  • Enriching your relationships with those you care about and being of greater service
  • Finding or creating work that matters, and pursuing it in ways that feel authentic for you
  • Discovering purpose, meaning, and the freedom to live a more intentional and fulfilling life