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There's no magic pill to feeling happy, but there's one thing you can do tomorrow that will make a difference.

Happiness is the ultimate end game; it's what we all want. Except for those people who aren't happy unless they have something to be miserable about.

But for most of us, the things we do, the money we earn, the stuff we buy and the chores we avoid are all geared (often erroneously) towards this aim.

So today I want to share one simple thing you can do within the next 24 hours that'll help you along the path to your most cherished prize. It isn't unique and it isn't especially difficult. And it sure as hell isn't complicated.

It's this. Go to bed an hour earlier, and get up an hour earlier. Um…that's it.

Were you expecting more?

Okay. Then there's also this. When you go to bed, put your phone aside and make a deliberate decision not to touch it. No social media, no Trump memes, no eBay browsing.

If you can, play some soft music as you settle in (I love Deuter). Close your eyes and make a deliberate decision to make this your time for rest and renewal.

Set your alarm to wake you gradually – preferably with something soft and uplifting (I use birdsong) – an hour earlier than usual.

Then when you wake, wash your face, drink a glass of water and make yourself a tea or coffee. Then, just sit quietly with yourself for a while. That means no news, no social media, no work. Just put the damn phone in another room, okay?

Sit quietly and listen to the sounds around you. If you can, go outside and listen to the world waking up – the birds, the insects, the wind in the trees.

Then, after half an hour of this, and if you feel inclined, do a spot of journalling – jotting down how you'd like your day to feel. You might want to write down one or two specific things you'd like to achieve today but since everything we do ultimately leads to a feeling, it pays to focus on how you'll feel vs what you'll do.

If this feels a bit woo-woo, go for a walk around the neighbourhood instead. Not for exercise per se, but just to move; to breath and to be.

And that's it.

If this doesn't give you a little twinkle of happiness to start your day, just send me an email and I'll give you a refund.


Happiness is the ultimate end game; except for those who can't be without something to be miserable about... Click To Tweet


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