Random Praise from Special People

Being alive at this time in history is exciting because we each have an opportunity to connect with people all over the world. We can make our little dent in the universe.

I'm honoured to have had a small impact on a few people's lives, and I'm especially grateful when I receive comments like the ones below. Thank you to these wonderful people for sharing their feedback.

“I have finally narrowed down a list of people that are worth listening to. You are one of those people so thank you again. Keep up the awesome work, Peter. Appreciate your wisdom.” | Susie

“Thank you so much for creating “Midlife Tribe.” I'm so fortunate to have found you. You are just what I needed now. You boggle the mind! So, I just have to take my time and savour every line and lesson! I just wanted to thank you for being such an inspiration! Now, on to my reading, sorting and learning! (I just love exclamation points!) You are indeed a treasure!” | Candy

“I am so grateful to have found your blog, almost every post makes me think, smile or take a deep breath – sometimes all 3!! 🙂 I am in my mid-50's and I think I've been on this path for the past 5 years, of sorting out who and what I want in my life.”

“I am on the road to minimalism in more than just things, and I am constantly questioning choices of time spent, people kept and things to buy or not. I wish I had come to this mindset a bit earlier in life, but it is so true that we are where we are supposed to be right now! As a mom of 5 the chaos is real, but less overwhelming these days.” | Ms Midlife

“I bloody love your podcast, Peter. 🙂 Listening to your 12th session now. I may have mentioned this to you before, but I am blown away by your professionalism and finesse with your podcast. Thanks again for being you, Peter; you make a difference.” | Andrew

“Thanks so much for sharing your 15 Ideas for Midlife Mastery. Until I read your ebook, the one thing I had not given much thought to was this… ‘Reinvention is proof of life' – this resonated with me straight out of the gate.” | Dave

“You are such an inspiration. May the good Lord bless you! Keep on inspiring.” | Wendy

“I came across your blog through Michael Yardney's post. I thought it was very well written and poignant. I reckon your site is great and the focus on the midlife tribe is brilliant. I spent some time today reading a few of your posts and really enjoyed and related to your body of work. Yep I'm a new subscriber and am looking forward to your next post. My site is called manstheory.com which I have been compiling over the last two years.”

“I also really enjoyed the podcast. I'm in my mid-fifties now and the increasing awareness of my own mortality will push me into making the call to change direction. Your message was so true, and sometimes it takes the getting of wisdom to realise life's not a perpetual thing to be taken for granted. Good work mate.” | Reece

“As I lay here in my bed trying to recover from drinking too much last night, I was looking through my phone and came across your story, ‘You're better off divorced.' I'm going through something similar at this time. I have been losing hope that I will ever be able to find someone that can accept and love me and my girls. I just wanted to thank you for sharing your story. I came across it at the right time.” | Oscar

“Many thanks for your kind and thoughtful reply: one could (should) pay good money for that kind of advice! It's funny to think that if not for the combination of McLaren Vale Shiraz and your blog about over-40s entrepreneurship, this conversation would never have happened. I trust this will somehow be mutually beneficial. You have helped. And I appreciate it. I owe you a drink, at least.” | Graham

“I happened upon your blog (no…not drunk Googling at 0300 – or “Droogling” as I like to call it) and seem to have found my spirit animal in you! Lol, no, these are not the semi-conscious musings at 0647 of a 46-year-old woman…more like an epiphany with a male perspective that makes the most sense to me.”

“I'm coming out of my second marriage…yeah, I know you can relate to the hollow-chested, defeated feeling, making those first tenuous steps into who I am and who I ultimately want to be entering this next phase. I live in Rhode Island, USA – and am moving to Kent this autumn. I'm fortunate to have been able to visit England twice so far this year and have fallen in love with a tiny village and a new way that I want to live. I choose happy. Your blog, with its optimistic views combined with the chagrined ‘been there, f**ked it up also' slant makes me feel far less alone with these same thoughts rattling around in my head.”

“So thank you. Thank you for putting thoughts to text, lessons to share and the rightfully gained wisdom that helps with putting one foot in front of the other – towards my own personal goals. Have a great Saturday!” | Kim