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I've worked for myself since I was a kid. From as young as eight, I sought to augment my pocket money with different revenue streams so I could buy whatever I wanted.

While other kids in my peer group hassled and cajoled their parents into buying them ‘stuff', I went to work and bought my own. I made things and sold them to neighbours; I photographed kids at the local motocross track (and sold them prints), and I collected golf balls at the local course and sold them back to the pro shop.

Two things I didn't have back then were the Internet (kids don't realise how good they have it today), and an accounting system. Had I access to both of those; I'd have built an empire before I was 20!

Over the years, I developed various methods to keep track of what I was doing. I was the first geek in my circle of friends to buy a PDA (Sharp Zaurus), and I bought many others as the technology evolved (Palm OS, Windows CE, Apple iOS, etc.). Likewise, accounting software started to feature in my arsenal, and I went from Excel spreadsheets to Quicken and MYOB.

A few years ago; tired of the inconvenience around software updates, reporting and data sharing with my accountant, I switched to XERO. Since then, life has been blissfully simple. Well, not my whole life, but as far as my bookkeeping, tax reporting and invoicing was concerned, really easy!

There are tonnes of reasons to use XERO but the things I love most are:

  • Because it's cloud-based, it keeps itself up to date. No more software updates!
  • For the same reason, my accountant can see what he needs whenever he likes. If I switch accountants, I can disable his access.
  • Invoicing is super easy and looks very professional.
  • Clients can pay the invoice directly via PayPal or credit card simply by clicking a link in the invoice.
  • Recurring expenses and invoices are easy to set up.
  • I can use it on my iPhone, iPad or any other computer, for that matter.
  • It hooks up with my bank account so everything’s populated in XERO automatically.

There are heaps of other things to like, but really, these are the features that have lit my fire. I've been using XERO since 2012, and the experience has been flawless. I've never had to contact support, and the beautiful thing is because my accountant uses it, he can adjust records or set up GL accounts for me. Brilliant.

Manage your Financials Anywhere

Cloud-based software is so pervasive these days; we tend to take it for granted (think banking, eBay, Kindle, Facebook, eMail, etc.). Imagine how inconvenient it would be if we could only access these services from one computer.

With XERO, you can run your business from anywhere and know your information is secure, it’s backed up, the data is live (changes occur in real-time) and the software that runs it is always patched and kept up to date. When a new feature is released, it simply appears, ready to use.

One other thing that can be useful as you scale is the ability to integrate XERO with other software via readily available plug-ins. This is perfect for online sellers or manufacturers who use WordPress, WooCommerce, Unleashed, Stripe, eWay, Google Apps, and lots more.

OK, I’m ranting a bit, now. The bottom line is, almost every problem has a solution these days and as far as accounting is concerned, XERO is the perfect tonic.


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