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In just a couple of years, Midlife Tribe became a treasured collection of experiences, strategies and insights about… midlife. Many were my own, and some came courtesy of other mid-lifers with great stories to tell.

I shared them here to help you master your midlife so you can live a more engaged and meaningful ‘second act'. The stuff you'll find here isn't a bunch of platitudes ingested from books and vomited back onto your screen. Everything here is real and unfiltered.

The Next Chapter

I stopped writing here a while ago so I could concentrate on some other topics close to my heart. That said, I can't escape the fact that everything I experience, learn and share is framed in the context of a mid-lifer, so there's still plenty of useful stuff to chat about that you'll enjoy.

If you'd like to keep reading, listening and learning, then come over to I'd love to welcome you.

I promise not to send you rubbish and I won't be hitting your inbox too often (usually, about once a fortnight). There might be the odd exception, but for the most part, that's the deal. I hate people wasting my time just as much as you do.

I'd love you to stick around and keep learning with me.