Talent or passion – which comes first?

If you long to do what you love for a living, and I mean you're aching for it so much that you're out there looking for ways to do it, you're already in the minority. Most people meander through life, postponing the pursuit of their dreams till it's too late.

However, if you're also confused about how to achieve this, you're not alone.

Few of us are born with an ordained passion that informs every decision we make. Even fewer can trace a linear progression through this journey. As Steve Jobs said in his historic Stanford commencement speech, you can only join the dots in reverse.

A lot of us believe that through introspection; by peeling away the layers of our psyche in search of that kernel of truth, it will lead us to the life we seek.

Few will ever find it.

There's a good reason for this. Passion comes from mastery. Rarely is it the reverse.

Tapping into something you do naturally; something that falls easily to hand, and from which you derive deep satisfaction, is where you need to begin. Mastering a talent through the acquisition of skills and regular practice is where the passion springs forth.

And finding your talents isn't difficult. It's likely you already have a few in your kit bag. From a young age, mine were photography, writing and selling. I built on those talents through reading, emulating and practice. I started selling when I was eight. By the time I was 16, I had begun writing and shooting for magazines, newspapers and car companies. Later, I sold advertising, software and cars, and today, I manage the marketing and Web strategies for businesses here and overseas.

If you've been around for 40 years or more, chances are you have a unique set of talents, too. If you don't, it's time you started experimenting. Health permitting, you still have another 40 exciting years of exploration and experimentation ahead of you.

Tap into yours. If you can combine a few, even better. It's hard to be the best at one, but relatively easy to be the best at a combination of three.

As you grow and begin to excel, the passion will emerge. And that's when the magic happens, and the opportunities start to flow.


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