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Live and Work on Your Terms

The podcast is taking a break while I work on my newest project, OfficeAnywhere. It'll be back soon!


I believe Mid-life can be the best phase of life. It's also the best time in history to reinvent your life exactly as you want it.

My podcast originally focussed exclusively on issues related to midlife, but in line with my newest project (Office Anywhere), now includes issues like working remotely, reclaiming your freedom and living a more balanced, intentional life. In a nutshell, it's about living and working on your terms.

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Peter Fritz Podcast

 in iTunes by Tosha :o)!

I'm hitting 40 this year and am finding a lot of this podcast speaking directly to me. Motivating and inspirin

 in iTunes by JasonSkinner

I love Peter's show – he has such an honest and open approach that I really relate to and find easy to listen to. As someone in his mid 40's myself I really relate to Pete's info. It's refreshing to hear that you're not on your own in this chapter of life. Thanks Pete.

 in iTunes by Mike G 24681

Host has a big heart and I can't wait for future episodes!

 in iTunes by Captains 16

Peter is so amazing at providing practical, usable suggestions for upping our game in terms of living a more fulfilling, loving and present life. I have thoroughly enjoyed every episode I have listened to so far, especially the one on goals, or should I say lack of goals! Simply brilliant.

 in iTunes by Schelldawg

Pete, I love your work! Keep the great content coming. You are very knowledgeable in so many areas. I have greatly enjoyed listening to your first few episodes.

 in iTunes by Epatte

Great topic and well delivered. I look forward to future episodes.

 in iTunes by Patty2Cakes

Amazing quality, and super helpful episodes, and you really feel like you know Peter is there for you and the rest of us out there!

 in iTunes by TADAMS4U

From Episode 1, Peter's message resonated with me. I'm in my second act and I can relate to the bumps life threw me to the future I see ahead. I'll be subscribing and following his journey.

 in iTunes by AustralianBirthStoriesPodcast

I'm excited to learn and grow with this podcast. I'm approaching midlife myself so this podcast is timely. Thanks Peter.